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How HP LIFE uses EdCast to improve the learning experience

HP LIFE leveraged EdCast’s user-centric approach to surround learners with a fully integrated experience for informal and formal learning – a personalized daily feed of bite-sized learning from thought-leaders, peer-to-peer insights, and formal courses.

The model successfully increases daily engagement from the HP LIFE community, makes learning fun, and drives more successful learning outcomes.


HP LIFE, a program of the HP Foundation, offers free online micro-courses in seven languages. The self-paced courses provide basic business, IT, and entrepreneurship skills that are especially effective in communities where economic development is needed most, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and students to create a better life.


HP LIFE offered structured informal courses and was looking for new ways to drive peer-2-peer knowledge sharing through both informal and formal learning. The HP LIFE program team needed a solution that would offer them more control over the education experience allowing them to add courses easily, update content dynamically, and build a community encouraging peer-to-peer learning where users could learn and grow together.

They also wanted a solution to seamlessly blend informal and formal learning to optimize the learning experience, making it intuitive, engaging and fun, ultimately shifting from a course-centric to a user-centric learning approach.

The EdCast solution

EdCast powers HP LIFE’s 175 courses – 25 topics each available in seven languages, English, French, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The EdCast Knowledge Sharing Network provides complete control, enabling dynamic updates of the course materials, a customized learning experience, and easy and continuous user engagement.

The EdCast solution powers the HP LIFE brand to increase global reach, as well as increase the credibility and prestige of being part of the edX community alongside Harvard, MIT, Stanford and other premier learning institutions.

The formal courses are seamlessly integrated with the EdCast Knowledge NetworkTM to provide social, mobile and cloud-based learning, enabling HP LIFE’s over 600,000 users to learn from experts in a vibrant global community. Users can harness the power of social engagement, collaborative peer-based learning, and outcome-oriented training to gain the skills they need to improve their professional lives.

The EdCast mobile app, both iOS, and Android, allows users to access and consume course content 24×7.

“We worked with the HP LIFE team to build a unified experience of short form and long form content for HP LIFE learners while giving them complete control over the platform – the course materials, learning experience, peer-to-peer interactions.  The result is a dynamic, rich, and multi-faceted learning experience.”

– Daniel McKelvey, VP of Enterprise Sales & Services, EdCast



HP LIFE powered by EdCast provides many options for independent learners, teams and organizations to personalize their learning experience through a unified experience of short form and long form content. Courses are seamlessly integrated with a personalized feed of curated bite-size content from global thought-leaders that can be consumed in just 5 to 10 minutes every day, providing an important opportunity for continuous learning on a daily basis.

The result is:

  • Significantly increased global reach
  • A rich learning experience with a personalized daily feed of bite-size content
  • Higher engagement and more dynamic content
  • Peer-to-peer collaborative knowledge sharing
  • 84% of users say HP LIFE helped them reach their professional goals

The HP LIFE program is opening the door to talented people around the world who do not have access to the educational resources they need to reach their full potential. Through its combination of courses, personalized content and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, HP LIFE users gain the practical business and IT skills they need to create jobs or improve their job readiness, enabling them to provide sustainable futures for themselves and their families and to support the economic development of the communities in which they live.

“EdCast has greatly improved the reach and quality of HP LIFE’s learning experience. Being part of the Open edX community has allowed us to reach more users than ever. The EdCast Knowledge Sharing Network enables us to engage users in new ways by offering social collaborative features and a personalized feed of bite-sized insights from experts around the world.”

– Jim Vanides, Head of Social Innovation Programs & Senior Education Advisor, HP

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